To be the Leading Quantity Surveying firm offering Construction Cost & Contract Management solutions in East Africa.


To provide reliable construction costs and effective contract management services to investors and developers, always ensuring value for money.







Ecost Development Africa was established in September, 2003 and registered under the Architects and Quantity Surveyors ordinance in April, 2004.

The firm was established by the Principal Partner, Mr. H. K. Ngari after 13 years of valuable practical experience in both Public and Private sector practices. It became a Limited Liability Partnership in 2017. The Two Partners in the firm have extensive experience in Quantity Surveying and Construction Project Management. Both have served as Senior Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers in leading Quantity Surveying and Project Management firms in the Kenya.

Proposed Mixed Development , Parklands

Experience & Philosophy

The firm’s Philosophy is to endeavor to add value to the traditional core services of Quantity Surveying. We take pride in quality professional services that we render to our clients, with dedication and commitment. Integrity is of primary importance to our practice. This is an integral policy of the firm and we pursue it in all facets of the professional calling irrespective of what it may cost.Discipline and hard work, with keen attention to detail are driving principles of the firm’s philosophy. The firm endeavors to ensure that all their clients obtain the fairest price in the market, for the best quality materials, at the best delivery time.
To achieve the above, the firm maintains close linkages with the manufacturers and suppliers of building products in the local and international markets. Very good data base of building products, material prices and construction rates on various types of buildings/developments are maintained by the firm and updated regularly. Close and cordial work relations are also maintained with other professional colleagues constituting the design team i.e. the Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Services Engineers, Project Managers, e.t.c. We invest time to understand our client’s needs and aspirations for the dream investment and closely work together during the scheme development and implementation phases to achieve the desired results.